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      Our Details Will Be Fully Secured With Encrypted Also All The Information Received / Provided By You Herewith Shall Be Used For Further Communication Purposes Through Call/SMS/Email/Other Channel.

      COVID-19: Adjusting to the New Normal

      The year 2020 started with something unusual called COVID-19. By the end of March, the lockdown came and dominated our lives for the rest of the months. As we see things opening up, the threat to living with the virus remains intact. The unlock gave the new set of guidelines when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness. The idea is to survive amid all the odds posed by the menace called COVID-19. The new normal came with several preventive measures. These came in the form of taking all the precautionary standards like using hand sanitizer dispensers and masks along with maintaining safe distances. Well, let’s check how we can adjust to the new normal COVID environment post lockdown. 

      Impact of COVID-19 

      The impact of COVID 19 seems to have pushed the panic button. Thanks to the growing cases in our country leading to too many containment areas in different Indian states. Now, we are heading to a new normal, which has changed our lifestyle in a big way. The restriction in the movement freely in public places, the shutdown of malls and multiplexes along with other places like food joints, gyms, and salons, seemed to have made things from bad to worse. Even schools and colleges are affected in a big way leading them to take resort to virtual classes. Despite all the odds, there is still a ray of hope for our survival. Using certain Coronavirus tips, it is easy to sustain in these tough environmental conditions and keep the virus at bay. 

      Is COVID changing the normal?

      With the spread of the virus in our country, the change in our daily lives seemed to be substantial. The changes just happened too quickly and that too in an abrupt fashion. One can witness life adjustments with a wide range of emotions and experiences. At times, the transition can be seen moving smooth but on the other hand, the very same journey to the new normal can be bumpy or choppy. Some of us are seen finding them in survival mode along with collecting the resources and information required for functioning at workplaces. For others, adjusting to settle in the new routine seems challenging. On the other phase, people are fighting tough times combating social isolation. 

      All these changes have put an additional amount of changes in their lives acting as constant struggles leading to dejection and frustration as well. Some of these are seen with issues like fatigue, anger, sadness, anxiety, and grief. Despite all the mess caused by these issues, there is a hope, provided we know how to include day to day changes in our lives. 

      A Solution to the Transition

      Amid the chaos, there is a ray of hope for our survival in these difficult times. Even the aftermath, the impact of the virus would remain – teaching us too many lessons. There are certain things, which will be our buddies for a long duration of time. These include using the masks and hand sanitizer dispensers. The situation seems both temporary and uncertain. This is the time when you need to focus on what comes within your control. It is always better to be informed and rely on preventive products like face protectors, face masks, and hand sanitizers to name a few. These are the things that can help you adjust to the new normal with ease. 

      It is always recommended to take a break from the usual conversations, news, and other things related to the virus. Remember, adjustment is a process that varies from person to person. It is not well-defined and liner and traits like flexibility and patience are vital. Set a routine of your day to day activities to adjust in the new normal. These include doing things for your emotional and physical health, creativity, stress relief things, and social connection. It is good to set boundaries even with your friends, family members, and others in your circle. Focus on things that remain under your control. Consider doing all these things to maintain good hygiene and sanitation level around you in this era of the new normal. 

      The COVID-way of Living…

      The post-pandemic will have altogether a different life we live in. In other words, you need to check some coronavirus tips, which you and your family need to practice in surviving this new normal age.

      Let’s dig-in: 

      Always use gloves and masks in public places as per the need and requirements of the environment you live in.

      Social distancing is important, a new norm to be preached. Whether you are visiting any store, clinic or any other place, practicing this norm is imperative.

      Using public transport should come with caution of social distancing and proper sanitizing. Use of public transport looks very different, with social distancing in place and commuters wearing masks and gloves. The use of a hand sanitizer dispenser will help people follow the league. 

      Keep your ears and eyes open to people around you, particularly to notice the symptoms like cough, sneeze, or sniffle. In other words, you need to lead a life with higher standards of hand and personal hygiene. This will continue for a few more months until the COVID-19 cases disappear. 

      Sounds unfair, but restricting travel plans is the need of the hour

      In the end…No matter how much-disciplined life you want to lead in the coming times, it is always going to be a tough time ahead while adjusting to the new normal. At such a helm of affairs, it is always recommended to rely upon the sanitation and hygiene products like face masks, gloves and hand sanitizers.

      Ultimately, a positive attitude and negative COVID is all you need to combat the current difficult!