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      Our Details Will Be Fully Secured With Encrypted Also All The Information Received / Provided By You Herewith Shall Be Used For Further Communication Purposes Through Call/SMS/Email/Other Channel.

      Fighting COVID-19: All You Need to Know About UV Disinfection

      Now, it’s been a while we all are dealing with the threat of worldwide pandemic- COVID-19. Novel Coronavirus has brought huge changes in our way of living. People are now more cautious about their well-being and hygiene. This kind of approach is great to stay away from dangerous viruses and pathogens. With a long list of disinfectants in the market, people are using a wide variety of products to fulfill the purpose. Considering the same, the emergence of UV disinfectants in the market has brought forth a new way of disinfection. 

      Understand, COVID-19 belongs to the family of viruses. So, there is no chance ordinary antibiotics can work against this powerful infection. Till the time there is a licensed medication for the COVID-19, experimenting with different medicines can result in serious hazards. Rather, it is ideal to rely on sanitizers, masks, and technology like UV light sterilization that can actually help. 

      Ultraviolet Protection – Get rid of bacteria and viruses

      With a widespread of the virus, people are seeking ways to keep their home and offices clean. They all came to the conclusion that UV disinfection is helpful to eliminate the risk of virus up to a maximum extent. This technology has efficacy against the viral agents and microbial present in our surroundings. It is indeed a rapid way to inactivate those harmful pathogens that can expose us to the infection. Even before the Coronavirus, these wavelengths were efficient against the pathogenic organisms that cause bacterial and parasitic ailments, including- hepatitis, typhoid, and cholera.

      How UV light disinfection is beneficial that other means? 

      • The water is exposed to UV light rays while making it a chemical-free process. 
      • It is useful against a wide range of pathogens in the category of microorganisms, even the ones who are resistant to chlorine. 
      • UV is used along with hydrogen peroxide or solely to break the toxic effects of the contaminants. 
      • There is no dangerous handling or storage of toxic chemicals while using UV rays
      • It does not affect the quality of water at all. 

      How does UV disinfectant work?

      These high energy wavelengths enter the microorganisms and damage the nucleic acid that prevents them from reproducing. The level absorbed by the DNA and RNA of the microorganism depends upon its structure. Usually, the low-pressure mercury lamps are helpful that generate radiation to reduce the germicidal effect. 

      A highly recommended product- Hi-Genie’s UV Disinfectant Lamp

      An ergonomically designed user-friendly lamp- UV Disinfectant Lamp can be considered as a fine select while choosing UV disinfectants. It is great to disinfect the surroundings and kills the pathogens effectively. This is an ideal household disinfecting device that anyone can use with a little caution. You can get rid of 99% of bacteria and viruses without using any chemical. Also, you need not put any extra efforts to keep your surroundings safe with this innovative UV care equipment. 

      Features of UV Disinfectant Lamp:

      • It has the power of 36W.
      • 8000 hours of service life, which is commendable.
      • This is a user-friendly and portable product for ultimate feasibility.
      • It has a smart sensor with a delay of 30 seconds.
      • This UV light disinfectant is tested by renowned labs across the country and is completely safe for use.

      Use the technology that will give outcomes for real 

      UV light sterilization is a highly beneficial process that would not leave any residue behind and does not make use of any chemical. This is one of the best technologies that can keep surroundings clean without taking much time. UV Disinfectant Lamp can be used at various clinics, hospitals, and other areas that are at high risk of the spread of viruses. With a wide area of utility, UV disinfectant lamp is a good aid that can help in fighting this situation.