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      Our Details Will Be Fully Secured With Encrypted Also All The Information Received / Provided By You Herewith Shall Be Used For Further Communication Purposes Through Call/SMS/Email/Other Channel.

      Hand Washing & Hand Sanitising : Aiming the Cruciality

      Hand washing has been one of the primary lessons of our childhood. But not all remember the lesson still…

      At this juncture, when the world is battling the fatal virus – COVID-19, the only best way out is to keep our hands clean and be in proximity to devices like hand sanitiser dispensers. This comes as the basic way out to keep the viruses at bay.

      Better late than never, this pandemic has made us learn a lot. We have finally realized the importance of handwashing and hand sanitising in a big way in this tough time. Germs and bacteria are everywhere. The first body part to get affected the most is our hands. Hands being one of the major voluntary organs tend to come in contact with almost everything.

      Let’s dig-in a bit more about the process of handwashing.

      When to wash your hands?

      As per the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, whenever you are exposed to germs, you are bound to spread the same to others. The only way to be safe is to sanitise your hands using a hand sanitiser. In the current situation, the need for clean hands has driven us all towards the usage of sanitisers much more as compared to conventional ways of handwashing. For when the question arises when to wash your hands, the answer is simple- anytime you’re touching something that is prone to more human contact. Some of the common and must-follow examples are washing hands before and after meals, visiting a hospital or a patient, while you’re traveling in public transport, before and after coming in contact with any material delivered from outside such as parcels, letters, bags, boxes, etc. These are just some of the basic scenarios but remember, there’s more to hand sanitizing and hygiene.  

      Back to the Basics

      Curtailing the COVID-19 situation, it’s not just about children and reminding them to keep their hands clean but also a set of adults that need to mend their habits and adapt to the situation. Thus, crawling back to the basics holds much significance when it comes to hand washing using soap and water or a through a contactless hand sanitiser dispenser. This includes ensuring that you’re using a soap dispenser pump that dispenses liquid soap or a mini paper soap to avoid coming in contact with germs on the solid soap bar. On the other hand, using an automatic hand sanitiser dispenser is the best way for touch-free hands cleaning. 

      Using Hand Sanitisers

      One may disagree with the idea of using a hand sanitiser for handwashing too often. There can be people who only vouch for soap and water. However, it may not be practical to carry water and soap all the time. At such junctures, relying on hand sanitisers is always a good idea. After all, safety comes first and that too curtailing the tough times of the pandemic. 

      When it comes to using hand sanitisers & hand sanitiser dispensers, it’s better to know some basics about the same.

      • Always rely on hand sanitisers which contain 60% alcohol.
      • Using less or more sanitiser will not suffice your requirement. Always use an appropriate quantity of sanitiser that can cover your hands properly.
      • Rub your hands for 20 seconds so that the sanitiser vanishes away from your hand leaving behind dry skin.
      • Avoid rinsing or wiping off the hand sanitiser before it is completely dry. This may not work well against the bacteria.
      • Make sure your hands are not too close to the dispensing nozzle of the automatic hand sanitiser dispenser.

      Why not secure yourself all the means of cleaning your hands. After all, we cannot keep our lives at stake.