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      Our Details Will Be Fully Secured With Encrypted Also All The Information Received / Provided By You Herewith Shall Be Used For Further Communication Purposes Through Call/SMS/Email/Other Channel.

      Scratching the Surface: Benefits of A Touchless Sanitizer & Soap Dispenser

      Hands are one of the busiest parts of our bodies. At the same time, they tend to contribute to the transmission of several viruses and diseases causing pathogens. In the current context, when we are pitted with the issue of COVID-19 around the world, hygiene has emerged as an important aspect. One of the best ways to keep our hands free from the ailment is by using hand sanitizers. Right from home, workplaces, offices, showrooms, counters to various stores, we can find different types of standard and automatic sanitizer dispensers. In a nutshell, the importance of using automatic sanitizer dispenser and soap dispenser in the COVID situation has grown in the recent past.

      We’ve generally read much about the mechanism of these automatic sanitizer and soap dispenser that comes as a strong strand of adjustment in the new normal. But, scratching the surface, there’s still no structured detail about smart sanitizer dispensers available in the market. These magical devices offer a wide range of benefits to the users.

      Let’s highlight some of them below.

      Say NO to physical contact!

      One of the key benefits of using an automatic sanitizer dispenser is that these remain touchless. This states that you get the required level of fluid soap without actually touching or pushing any kind of switch with a no-touch hand sanitizer dispenser. This feature is vital when it comes to operating the same in an area that is much prone to human contact or places where you intend to keep the dispersing clutter on your faucet.

      It’s a Germ Buster.

      The second big benefit to cherish about having automatic sanitizer dispensers and soap dispensers is that it helps in combating the terminals with its antibacterial feature. This keeps all the pathogens at bay while spreading from one hand to the other. In this way, all the harmful bacterias are seen easily dispersing in the public domain along with your home as well. This is the basic reason why in modern times, having a sensor-based sanitizer and soap dispensers is considered a good choice.

      User-friendly interface

      Relying on these dispensers is beneficial because they are easy to use. For using a hands-free soap dispenser, one has to stick his palm out and voila! The simplicity in its use is only possible with the presence of the high-end infrared sensor technology. It helps in sensing the surrounding movements. We can now see a variety of dispenser manufacturer brands integrating this technology.

      Promotes less clutter…

      When we compare the automatic dispenser with the hands-on soap and sanitizer dispenser pumps, you will need to remember certain other things as well. The additional task here is to clean the faucet’s handle, along with the soap dispenser. With these inconveniences, it becomes difficult to use the hand sanitizer too. This is not the case with the automatic soap and sanitizer dispensers. Thus, clutter avoidance acts as a major benefit while using a touchless sanitizer dispenser.

      Practically affordable option

      The touchless hand sanitizers are very much user-friendly and can be easily refilled. Hence, besides preventing you from getting loads of soaps inside the plastic containers, it also tangibly saves you money. As per various surveys, using these sanitizer and soap dispensers could help in conserving soap and sanitizer for not less than 30%. And here we are, smartly fighting the pandemic.

      The Best Solution

      If you are looking for good automatic sanitizer and soap dispensers, you can rely on Hi-Genie’s range of dispensers including Swift & Bulge (soap and sanitizer dispenser). Additionally, if you’re looking for a smaller version, you can choose tabletop dispenser – Slinky (sanitizer dispenser).

      Swift and Bulge come with easy installation methods – wall mount and floor stand. These dispensers can be easily hung on the wall or adjusted in your background setting with a stylish floor stand. Whereas, Slinky will beautify your table setting with an elegant design and guard your hands with its automatic spray technology.

      These products are known for their wide range of features including:

      • IR detection and auto sensor
      • Smart design
      • Low power consumption
      • User and eco-friendly mechanism
      • Economically viable

      Loaded with benefits, Swift, Bulge, and Slinky can be used in a wider setting with its applicability ranging from all types of public spaces including banks, schools, shops, malls, gyms, hotels, restaurants, airports, metro, offices to home. Slinky, being a small spray sanitizing device can be kept on every table, near sinks, counters, and more.

      The emerging need for products like touchless sanitizer and soap dispensers is known to all. Hence, adapting to the new normal with these products will help us to habitually foster certain habits that we can cherish for life.