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Features Overview

High Quality Material

Made with Anti-Fog formula with PETG Visor which enables the face shield to give you a cleaner vision.

Easy To Use

The face protector can be easily used by everyone. It is also suitable to be worn with prescription glasses without having any difficulties in the visibility.

Well Designed

The Face shield weighs 80g making it lightweight and easily adjustable because of its durable head strap.

Long Service Life

The face shield comes with a 1 year warranty

Low Error

Especially designed for the health care professionals or for anyone who is interacting in close proximity with other people so that there is elimination of mass contamination.

Budget Friendly

The Face Protector with PETG Visor is a user friendly face shield that comes at an affordable price.

Product’s uSP

The Face protector has been specifically designed to give a full length coverage of the face so that there is no chances of being exposed to any harmful infections. Built with an Anti-Fog Formula and PETG Visor, this face shield can be conveniently worn with prescription glasses without any hassle of unclear visibility. A lightweight face shield that is durable and effective to safeguard you effectively.

Why Hi-Genie

Hi-Genie is a Made in India company that beats major alternatives because of its superior quality and customer centric approach. Our determination enables us to provide-

customer assistance

Our customer support team ensures that it is available to the customers for all their queries at all times.


All Hi-Genie products are designed for durability with a warranty of 1 year.

high quality

Our products have been crafted with the latest technology and premium quality of materials to achieve highest efficiency

Made in India

Hi-Genie products are crafted in India by the diligent Indian skilled labour, making it truly an authentic Indian product.

effective solution

Hi-Genie products are premium quality hygienic products that shall give you 100% safety against all microorganisms

budget friendly

All Hi-Genie products are not just user friendly but also budget friendly.

Certificates & Standards

CE HiGenie Sanitizer Dispenser