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product details

Product Name -


Lamp Power -

36 W

Sterilization Wavelength -

253.7 nm

Effective Area -

20 sq mtr - 40 sq mtr

Rated Frequency -

50 Hz

Service Life -

8000 Hours

Timer Method -

Wireless Remote Control

Timing Induction Method -

Microwave Human Sensor with 30 sec delay

Touchless Hand sanitizer Dispenser

Features Overview

High Quality Material

Built with UV Disinfection technology that destroys 99% of bacteria and viruses without any chemical usage.

Long Service Life

8000 Hours of Service life with sterilization wavelength of 253.7nm

Well Designed

Designed aesthetically, the UV-C Lamp with OZONE is equipped with wireless control and Microwave timing induction method for better efficiency

Easy To Use

A portable disinfection lamp that is suitable for all living spaces

Low Error

The UV-C lamp is built in with safety of microwave sensors and does not contain any chemical

Budget Friendly

UV-C lamp is a user friendly product at an affordable price

Product’s uSP

The UV-C lamp is built with the latest OZONE technology that helps in keeping our surroundings safe as the UV-C ray has proved that it can deactivate microorganisms by destroying their nucleic acids which destroys their DNA that gives us complete protection against all kinds of bacteria and viruses. The UV-C portable lamp can be used in all personal spaces making it an effective sterilization solution that shall keep you and your family safe at all times.

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Certificates & Standards

CE HiGenie Sanitizer Dispenser