1 Action plan that will make schools ready for the new normal

1 Action plan that will make schools ready for the new normal

When the pandemic of Coronavirus had just begun in China in 2019, no one had imagined that it would impact the entire world to such an extent that the world would come to a halt. Though, today many countries have lifted their lockdowns, businesses are running and people are venturing out but for students, things have not changed on a positive note as they are still locked in front of their laptop screens with their online schools. Unfortunately, because of coronavirus many students never got their chance to experience a farewell or convocation because of the lockdown. So yes, the pandemic of Coronavirus has most certainly been a big disappointment to many students but we cannot complain about it because them missing out on these ceremonial functions is menial in front of the fact that today they are safe and healthy by being inside the houses under the strict vigilance of their parents where they ensure that everything around their children is thoroughly sanitized and cleaned so that under no circumstances their child is exposed to the deadly Covid virus. 

Indeed today children are at homes as schools are closed but looking at the grim situation of the increasing numbers of coronavirus it is bound that every parent would be having nightmares thinking about what shall happen when schools would reopen and what would happen if coronavirus still exists in the world? How will their children be safe in schools? Will the school be ever looked with the same outlook in terms of safety and hygiene like it was looked in pre-covid times? 

These concerns of parents are justified and natural which is why it becomes a moral responsibility of the schools and colleges to start restructuring their hygienic mechanisms as well as the hygienic practices of the schools so that they are ready to function according to the #NewNormal rules world where hygiene has to be seen with a new lens i.e, “heightened-hygiene consciousness”, which cannot be compromised under any circumstances for the sake of the safety of the children’s health. Therefore, to ensure robust safety in the school premises, Hi-Genie, a truly made in India brand has developed a wide range of easy to assemble and easy to fit durable automatic hand sanitizer for school.


At Hi-Genie, we understand the concerns of parents as well as schools who are facing the biggest challenge of how to ensure that school premises shall be kept hygienic at all times. We are in a constant effort to develop sanitizing solutions that shall ensure germs, bacteria and virus free spaces, which is why we have developed touchless soap and sanitizer dispensers with the latest Infrared technology that will enable easy use of sanitiser dispensers in schools making the premises safe by reducing the chances of mass contamination. On the other hand, our touchless soap and sanitizer dispensers are come in variants such as wall-mounted dispensers as well as portable tabletop dispensers along with robust stands which makes them perfect sanitizer dispenser for school use, as they can be used at-


The schools would have to ensure that their entrance gates are equipped with touchless soap and sanitizer dispensers so that whenever their staff and students enter the school premises they mandatorily clean their hands thoroughly eliminating chances of carrying any germs, bacteria or viruses inside the premises of schools. 


Schools should make sure that their curriculum gives serious attention to the lessons of personal hygiene, as it should be a mandatory routine of schools to give students as much awareness and education on personal hygiene. Schools must make sure that through different teaching methods such as visual, audio and literature they inculcate and deepen the habits of personal hygiene and regular hand cleansing in the minds of the students so that the students from an early age understand personal hygiene as a must and natural habit of humans. Furthermore, to ensure that the classrooms where the students shall be learning about the new importance and rules about heightened hygiene should also match up to the standards of heightened hygiene i.e, schools would have to ensure that before the students enter the school the entire premises is sanitized and in each classroom, there is a touchless soap and sanitizer dispenser which should be used by teachers and students before they settle in the classroom. As Hi-Genie also offers touchless tabletop dispensers, schools can install touchless tabletop dispensers on each table of the students, so that students understand the importance of cleaning their hands regularly and get into the habit of cleaning their hands regularly satisfying the rules of the new normal world. 


According to the research, it has been observed that the spread of infection rises to 43% amongst children if their school washrooms are not equipped with proper cleaning and sanitizing solutions. Therefore, after already seeing the catastrophic situation caused due to the Coronavirus, one cannot take the risk of being negligent in the hygienic standards of the school washrooms. Therefore,before students join the schools again, it is necessary that schools invest in soap dispensers for school use or should provide touchless soap and sanitizer at the entrance door of the washrooms that shall prevent in minimizing the chances of spread of germs, bacteria and viruses by touching common points such as doorknobs, taps, or flushes. Furthermore, schools must also install these touchless dispensers inside the washrooms so that children learn the habit of cleaning their hands every time they enter the washroom. 


The pandemic of coronavirus has certainly been challenging but it has also shown that until now how casual we were when it came about our hygiene standards as initially cleanliness only meant cleaning and mopping of the surfaces with aromatic cleaning solutions so that we just feel that our surrounding is clean. But now that we know that cleanliness and hygiene need to be 100 % it gets pertinent that in schools the area where children eat their food is up to the standards of heightened hygiene consciousness. Therefore, schools need to ensure that their canteen/ mess area is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized while the staff before entering the eating area should clean their hands and wear gloves before they go near the students. On the other hand, the staff has to ensure that each child before eating their food has cleaned their hands thoroughly so that there is no compromise on the hygiene of their food. Schools must provide touchless soap and sanitizer dispensers in the eating area of the children whereas, teachers and the staff should ensure that each child has thoroughly cleaned their hands for a minimum of 20 seconds. 

Therefore, as a moral and ethical duty of schools cannot and shouldn’t take even the slightest risk on the safety and well being of the students as well as the staff. The New Normal only has one rule to understand, accept and practice heightened consciousness of hygiene so that the world doesn’t have to face another pandemic because of the spread of such deadly viruses, germs and bacteria. 

As a society, we must ensure that our educational institutions are prepared to robustly safeguard our children from the threat of such invisible enemies. Hi-Genie’s sanitizing solutions have been solely developed to give the world durable and reliable protection against all germs, bacteria and viruses. We have developed our products with premium quality made in India raw materials that are more efficient and effective than the cheap exported products. Our every product has been ergonomically and aesthetically designed while keeping in mind that safety is a fundamental right for all and not a luxury therefore, we have made sure that all our products shall be budget-friendly so that everyone can avail the best of safety gears for themselves and their near ones.

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