Herbal sanitizer pouch-Defense Kit Now in Pocket

Herbal sanitizer pouch-Defense Kit Now in Pocket

Unlock practices have gradually started across the globe. Travelling has taken its shape once again all around the world. However, travelling in this new normal is not going to be the same.

In the wake of pandemic, it demands extra responsibility, and an exert of caution to break the Covid-19 chain and prevent the spread of the virus.

Do you know?

An average human being touches his face at least 1000 times in a day.

You become highly susceptible to contracting disease-causing germs from the moment you step out of the door. The gravity of hand washing cannot be stressed enough. However, access to clean water and soap may not be available in every instance. This makes hand sanitizers come as rescuer to keep your health and hygiene intact.

Herbal sanitizer is a viable, effective, and efficient option that safeguards your hands from disease causing germs while keeping infections at bay. The 1ml and 2 ml sanitizing pouches are a new and smart sanitizing solution that are easy to carry and apt for one-time use. The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility ensures its production and packaging in a safe and clean environment keeping it away from any third-party particles.

Why Herbal sanitizer is the prime choice?

  1. Compact and Powerful

It is a 100% made in India compact powerful sanitizing solution. It is your new durable bodyguard that keeps you safe against all the germs wherever you go. Studies have shown that the effect of hand sanitizers stay for a longer period as compared to washing hands with soap and water. The longer protection ensures minimized transmission of germs from person to person.  

  • An all-round refreshing protection

The composition of soaps includes harsh chemicals. Using them excessively causes harsh skin condition and affects the balance of skin. Herbal sanitizer formulation with 70% of Ethyl Alcohol makes it a safer option that destroys 99.9% of germs effectively. It acts harsh only on microbes, not on the skin making it soft and supple yet clean. The goodness of aloe-vera extracts and organic aromas keep you safe and refreshed.

  • Pocket and user friendly

Herbal Sanitizer is a user-friendly sanitizing pouch available at an affordable price. It comes in a handy packaging that comfortably fits in your wallet and can be easily carried along.

  • Rinse free and non-stick

It keeps your hands clean and germ-free and leaves no residue behind. It quickly evaporates as you rub it on your hands while removing all the dangerous virus and bacteria in one go. It makes hands completely dry in a matter of seconds and you are ready to go!

Why choose Hi-Genie?

  1. High quality

The products are crafted with the latest technology with the use of premium quality of materials to achieve highest efficiency.

  • Budget friendly

The products are not hard on the pocket. They are super budget friendly and imparts complete safety against germs.

  • Authentic

Crafted by diligent Indian skilled labour, they are designed for durability and comes with a 1-year warranty.

  • Customer assistance

Our customer support team ensures to address the queries of our customers effectively and at all times.

As a community, we have come a long way from less frequent hand washing to religiously sanitizing our hands as we hop out of public transport or elevators. It is time that we choose Herbal sanitizer that beats major alternatives and ensure the best protection for us and our loved ones.

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