The Disneyland secret to communal hygiene

The Disneyland secret to communal hygiene

We all have heard about Disneyland, the place where kids enjoy meeting their favourite cartoon characters and where adults relive their fond childhood memories all over again. It is a place which carries the feeling of carefree attitude blended with pure innocence. But, one of the most unique things about Disneyland is that regardless of the countless people visiting Disneyland, it never gets dirty. 

Every day one can find polished benches, clean streets and the smell of vanilla in the air; it has been estimated that on an average over 50,000 people visit Disneyland every day but despite that Disneyland is never dirty or littered. 

So how does Disneyland maintain its cleanliness and what can be learned from it when it comes to hygiene?

If you have ever visited Disneyland you would have noticed that whenever you wanted to throw their litter away you would just have to look next to you and you would find a garbage bin. One can find garbage bins at every 30 steps in Disneyland and this is known as the Disneyland theory, a theory that was coined by Walt Disney himself who believed that if there is dustbin at every 30 steps people won’t get a chance to litter.

So what is the connection between Disneyland theory and washing hands?

Keeping in mind the Disneyland theory, if we imagine that if every 30 step we can find a soap and sanitizer dispenser then wouldn’t washing hands become easy? wouldn’t the spread of germs, bacteria and viruses get reduced as people would be having cleaner hands?

These questions today should hit us. Since the beginning of coronavirus, we have seen how our negligence on hygiene practices can cause fatal consequences. Thus, in this light, it becomes important to re-examine our hand sanitization practices. 

Hand sanitization is an integral part of our lifestyle. Since childhood, we have been taught that clean hands are good habits but unfortunately, as we grow older this good habit starts becoming neglected to the extent that washing hands for 20 seconds becomes like a task. 

Surveys show that out of 5 people 1 % do not wash their hands thoroughly and 70% of people skip washing hands with soaps. But, if things continue like this even amidst the Corona times then we should be prepared to deal with much more fatal consequences. 

Therefore, in this light, it becomes important to discuss that why soap and sanitizer dispensers should also be placed at every 30 steps according to the Disneyland theory as this would allow people to have access to proper hand sanitization at all times and all places; people who have been away from the habit of washing hands also would get compelled to clean their hands when they shall see that there is the availability of keeping their hands sanitized. 

We need to understand that after Coronavirus the world can be safe only when we accept and follow the new behaviour of heightened hygiene. Public spaces, offices, educational institutions, airports, railway stations, hotels and hospitals everywhere and at every corner one should be able to find soap and sanitizing dispensers that shall give them robust sanitization of hands ensuring that there is no mass contamination of germs, bacteria and viruses. 

In this light, one of the leading companies of sanitizing solutions HiGenie, a truly made in India brand has taken hygiene and safety solutions an extra notch by developing premium quality soap and sanitizer dispensers with the latest sensor motion technology that aims at giving thorough sanitization by minimizing the chances of spread of germs, bacteria and viruses through multiple touches. 

HiGenie Dispensers = Heightened Hygiene

It is not an uncommon fact that SARS-CoV-2 is a fatal virus that can live upon surfaces for weeks, therefore, it gets important that one ensures that they are in a complete circle of hygiene wherever they go and at all times. 

Thus, keeping in mind the necessity of having robust sanitization, HiGenie has developed a wide range of Touchless Soap and Sanitizer Dispensers that are perfect for both personal and public spaces because of the following reasons-


These dispensers can be easily assembled and wall-mounted without any hassle of theft or breakage. They are built-in with Anti-theft lock system furthermore, HiGenie has also developed sturdy dispenser stands that can hold these dispensers ensuring that there is no breakage or theft of these dispensers. Thus, making these dispensers perfectly suited to be fitted outside the premises or even in public places. 


The dispensers built-in with the latest advanced technology have been specifically developed to ensure that there is no extra wastage of the soap or the sanitizer. HiGenie Dispensers delivers standard dosage that is sufficient to give thorough sanitization to both the hands ensuring that there is no wastage. 


The HiGenie dispensers have been built in with Infrared Sensor technology that can spray the soap and sanitizer from a distance by just sensing your presence. Due to the in-built sensor motion, the chances of touching the contact point gets eliminated resulting in the prevention of mass contamination of germs, viruses and bacteria. 


Today’s lifestyle also includes the kind of décor we like to have around us therefore, keeping in mind the modern lifestyle and modern décor, HiGenie Dispensers have been built with aesthetic designs and colours that make them suitable for all kinds of living spaces. 

Therefore, if we all collectively make efforts to start practising hand sanitization according to the Disneyland theory then those days aren’t far away when people catching flu or being under the weather would just be lines found in history books because, in reality, everyone would be more hygienic and healthy living in a healthier and safer world.

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