Touchless Dispensers- Our New Bodyguard

Touchless Dispensers- Our New Bodyguard

Minimum contact, maximum sanitization

Ministry of home affair has announced ‘Unlock 5.0’ which is a less stringent version of all the past standardized set of rules issued during the COVID crisis. This unlock gives lockdown and pandemic life new viewpoint with a strong desire to go back to the pre-COVID life. Mankind resumes to perform multiple activities they use to do before the onset of the pandemic but with the coronavirus menace still at large. Commercial spaces such as shopping malls, movie theatres, and restaurants are reopening their gates while adhering to the Standard Operating Protocols (SOPs) strictly. This includes the 50% capacity rules, effective & frequent hand sanitization, social distancing, and compulsion on wearing masks.

Do you know?

You get exposed to 840,000 germs every 30 minutes.

Your hands are a key contributor that enable the transmission of many disease-causing pathogens. As soon as the public spaces open, most work facilities such as toilets, bathrooms, and even eating places become shared. This increases the chances of disease transmission among the visitors and staff members even at a higher rate. It also becomes strenuous to take conscious safety precautions such as the use of sanitizers everywhere we go.

Do you think?

Just a sanitizer bottle in your bag or pocket is enough to save you from all the possibilities of catching this life-threatening coronavirus?

Think! Think! Think!

Conventional Sanitizers- A Boon but with a Bain

Sanitizers have been a boon during these trying times. We have used them routinely from disinfecting ourselves to sanitizing any object we come across. It is an indisputable fact that standard sanitizer dispensers have contributed to fight against the spread of the virus. However, their cross-contamination aspect cannot be ignored. As these dispensers easily accessible at public places need the use of your hands or feet to release the sanitizer, this process, in turn, let germs to take their position on the sanitizer dispenser. Its continuous usage is also economically difficult and hits hard on the pocket observing the fair amount wastage of the sanitizer below the dispenser.

Socrates once said, ‘The secret to change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but building the new.

Keeping this thought in mind, we bring to you Swift, Bulge and Slinky…

Contactless technology has become a mandate in this COVID-19 pandemic. Having someone you can trust is the wish of many people. This pandemic we have made it easier for everyone by introducing smart touchless hand sanitizer dispensers that are ready for the new normal. These touchless and automatic hand sanitizer dispensers developed by the Hi-Genie are becoming the game-changer in the domain of sanitizers and are now your friend to rely on. These made in India revolutionary products are affordable, effective, and offers ample protection. They are now becoming a perfect partner for all the businesses that have reopened or in the queue.

Let us know more about the range: Swift, Bulge and Slinky

This range has found its usage nationwide as one of the best touchless hand sanitizers available in the market today. Build with eco-energy and anti-theft design, they are becoming the prime choice to be used in all public and personal spaces. While providing an excellent solution to mankind, they enable people to combat the fear of contracting the virus. 

Swift and Bulge are automatic soap and sanitizer dispensers. They dispense the substance using liquid and spray technology. They can be easily hanged on your wall or can be placed on the floor stand. Their additional features include scientific use, delicate spray, strong oxidizing effects, and diverse applicability. 

Slinky is a tabletop automatic sanitizer spray device. It is a smart waspish shaped sanitizer dispenser that sprays within the blink of an eye. A sleek and classy tabletop auto spray device with bionic design, it can be easily kept on counters, tables, and in the rooms for personalized use. 

Why relying on Hi-Genie touchless sanitizer dispensers is a great idea?

Taking into consideration the current situation, it becomes natural to be hygiene conscious. It requires thorough preparation and aid to successfully enter into the new normal. Thus, relying on touchless sanitizer dispensers is a great idea. Hi-Genie touchless sanitizer dispensers that work on sensor technology are not less than a surprise. The idea behind these contactless machines is to avoid any point of contact and prevent the spread of infection. 

Hi-Genie range of touchless sanitizer products act like a one-machine solution to combat various viruses and is becoming the prime choice in all domains.

  • Its Dispenser at the rescue fundamental keeps you safe from any germs that might come in contact and debase your hygiene. As a large number of people come into contact with the conventional sanitizer dispenser attached at the entrance public places. The repetitive touching of the same material results to further spread of the virus. Hi-Genie touchless hand sanitizer dispensers solve this issue with its aesthetic design. They are designed for communal safety and reduces the chances of mass contamination. They are easy on Pocket as the Hi-Genie range of automatic hand sanitizers are economically viable and are a one-time investment. Standard sanitizer dispensers work inefficiently by releasing more than the required amount of sanitizer needed. Keeping them at places that attract a large crowd such as schools, shopping malls, cinemas and other public spaces adds an extra expense. To eliminate this, Hi-Genie touchless sanitizer dispensers are designed to work on electricity and dispense the standard amount of sanitizer every time. This prevents its excessive usage and minimizes wastage.
  • A complete Do-It-Yourself, noiseless, low on power consumption, long time operation range is designed and engineered to prevent any oxidation expansion. It completely ensures that the alcohol and the disinfectant are always potent to kill virus or bacteria.
  • They are suitable for multiple scenarios. For instance: Restaurants, Cinema halls, Schools and Colleges, Banks, Shopping malls, Hospitals, Airports, Railway stations, Public toilets, Petrol pumps, Offices and more.

The new normal is changing multiple aspects of our lives. The prime one is hygiene and how we deal with it. Precaution is always better than cure. It is every time-wise to shield ourselves away from this lethal virus. The story of viruses will not end with COVID-19 as it is a chain reaction and will continue taking one form or the other. The best bet is to accommodate a new lifestyle while making touchless hand sanitizers a ritual. 

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